Take the Management of
Your Construction Information
Off Your Build Team’s Plate

The management of your construction information is too valuable to be left to chance. Professional CIM (construction information management) is BarkerBlue Build’s complete solution. Professional places the entire CIM process – from system setup and administration to RFI handling and hyperlinking – in the hands of trained construction industry professionals. Professional is a completely managed service that will take the design and construction information sitting on your passive data silos and actively organize it in a way that ensures all project team members are working from the same updated set, across every technology and access point.


Percentage of construction professionals that have an effective, formal process in place to manage document changes
The billions of dollars spent by the U.S. construction industry on waste due to errors and rework orders
The number of years the average project engineer stays at any one job or project



Sync and align all of your construction information. Make sure your systems are set up correctly and that all data and fields are named and structured consistently and synched regularly to maintain integrity and accuracy.

  • Centralize information and processes for cleansing, synchronizing and distributing documents and data

  • Establish CIM best practices and train your build staff to maintain them

  • Optimize and integrate your current CIM technology — PlanGrid, Box, Procore, Newforma, BlueBeam Studio, etc.


Quickly connect all the dots. Keep your links accurate and up to date, so you can find what you need when you need it. Advanced Hyperlinking takes it to the next level by letting you navigate docs and floors sequentially, and cycle through versions.

  • Link all references in the set to the relevant sheets

  • Includes callout to sheet or directly to detail, depending on software

  • Add notes and references with sheet names directly to linked object

  • Advanced options include sequential, floor, version and schedule navigation buttons


Don’t let changes alter your course. Avoid costly mistakes and overruns by ensuring that the most recent RFI information is reflected on your current set.

  • RFI responses annotated on your current set within hours of closing

  • Save hours of engineer time per day, opening up time for higher level tasks

  • Professional standards ensure clear markups to keep your sets clean but effective


Keep everyone up to date and on the same page. Strict version control and tracking ensure a single version of the truth and that all documents and information are routed to the right teams and systems, on time, every time.

  • Provide real-time access to the latest version of your project’s design and construction information

  • Create and maintain a centralized workflow for the processing and distribution of all construction and design information

  • Reduce costly delays and overruns due to errors, omissions and miscommunication


Protect your investment. Future proof your project by ensuring 24/7 access and a strict chain of custody for all construction documentation.

  • Create full audit trail for each project

  • Compile and organize all as-built documentation

  • Provide clear and quick access to all project information

  • Safeguard records from loss and destruction


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